UI vs. UX: What’s the difference between user interface and user experience?

Today, in our highly developed and resourceful society such terms as UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design are used much more often than ever before. It’s extremely important to know the difference between user experience and user interface design. 

As the popularity of mobile devices growing up, these two concepts in design have become popular and are widely used. But even now not everyone can answer with confidence what is UX design, how it differs from UI design, and why these things are often mentioned in conjunction. 

What is UI and UX design in general

What does UI stands for and what is UX design? UX is a User Experience design, while UI refers to User Interface design. Despite the fact that both of these processes are in close relation with each other and should work in complex their roles in design process are quite different.

The main goal of UX design is to guarantee that the product logically works from the starting point and until the last one. UX designer is responsible for functionality of a certain product and for emotions that user will get while using this current product.

Then what does the user interface designer do? UI designer process is creating the unique and amazing-looking design for different devices. The UI designer has to check that the user interface visually communicates the path that a UX designer has laid out on the planning stage. Maintaining consistency in visual elements and defining behaviour such as how to display error or warning or any other message, are totally competence of a UI designer. The UI designers are in charge of designing each page and every parameter (illustrations, menus, buttons, etc.)


Importance of UI and UX design

The main objective of a business is always to accelerate its growth and, of course, increase sales. UI and UX design plays a very important role in achieving this. This design improves user interaction with the site or application and satisfies customers, which helps to increase the number of users for the application or website in the future. The importance of UI UX design consists in helping you to win the consumers’ confidence and make them use your application or website providing them what they are looking for. The number of consumers you are getting on your website / application can measure the success of the great UI and UX.



What is user experience design (UX)

If you want to comprehend difference between UI and UX design you should first understand this aspects separately.

UX design is a user experience design. It is one of the first steps in creating a product and it serves to ensure that the application is logical, convenient and useful. Main ux design principle is to determine what impressions a person will receive from using and how exactly he will use these products.

Where is it better to place an entrance to your personal account? How many steps must a user go through to sign up for a newsletter or place an order? How will he understand that the operation was successful? These are the issues that the UX designer decides. 

Brief history of UX

To understand in general what is the purpose of ux we can briefly look at history of UX design. 

UX design got it’s name in 1995 by Donald Norman, a professor and scientist, who joined Apple in the early 90s as their User Experience Architectmaking him the first person to have UX in his job title. He is the one who came up with the term “user experience design”.  

He mentioned: “I invented this term because I thought human interface and usability were too narrow: I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with a system, including industrial design, graphics, the interface, the physical interaction, and the manual.”

Main UX design elements

Here are some core components of user 

  • Information Architecture (satisfying the business strategies by designing the application’s or the site’s information structure)
  • Interaction Design (conceptual design with which the users interact with the product and/or application)
  • Usability (Usability can be referred as the user-friendliness as well)
  • Wireframing (“skeleton” of your app to test the features, look and usability of the application before it is actually launched
  • Visual Design (color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience).

What is user interface design (UI)

User interface design or UI design is the visual embodiment of UX design. 

Main UI design principles are to make an application, website or other product intuitive, attractive and as simple as possible to use with the help of certain graphic solutions.

The UI designer is responsible for how each individual screen or page will look. His area of ​​responsibility is graphic controls such as buttons and checkboxes, fonts, color schemes and various visual images.

What should the button look like to make it convenient to click on. What font size to choose so that the text is legible and readable. How to issue an error message so that it attracts attention but does not annoy. Answers to these questions helps to find UI-design interfaces.



Brief  UI design history

The history of UI started 50 years ago. When someone wanted to use a computer they had to use the special command-line interface. However, during the 1980s the first Graphical User Interface (GUI) was developed. Thanks to such innovation, users could now interact with their personal computers through buttons, icons and different menus. Such a rapid shift in technology started a real revolution, as now almost anyone could use a computer, with no knowledge of coding required.

Main  UI design elements

Here is a list of main user interface components

  • Input Controls: radio buttons, checkboxes, list boxes, dropdown lists, text fields, buttons, toggles
  • Navigational Components: slider, pagination, search field, slider, icons, tags
  • Informational Components: tooltips, progress bar icons, notifications, modal windows, message boxes
  • Containers: accordion.

The main difference between user experience and user interface design. UI VS UX. 

When the topic about  UI and UX design is disassembled in general we could directly go to the UI and UX differences.


1)UX Makes Interfaces Functional and Makes Product Valuable, while UI Makes Interfaces Beautiful and Easy to Use

The importance of UX research process involves making a competitive analysis and developing a product that will be valuable to your target audience. 

The UI designer’s role is to make interface aesthetically pleasing for customers. This includes choosing a proper color schemes and typography that will be attractive and easy to use. 

2)UI Design Should be Done After the UX Process

As a rule, UX design, analysis and researches are the first steps during the creation of a certain product. This is due to the fact, that UX designers make their job done by basing on different research. Knowing your target audience, for example, might be useful during the design process. 

Once the prototype has gone through several iterations and is on its final stages, the UI designers begin their work with the visual design.

3)UX Is Used Across Products, Interfaces And Services, while UI is About Working With the Interfaces Only

User experience design is a broad field which becomes more and more popular nowadays. As UX is more complex process, it can be used in different spheres with different approaches.

User Interface design, in its turn, is used only to create beautiful design of a product. This doesn’t mean it is limited to the graphical user interfaces of computers, tablets and mobile devices and many more.


How UX and UI work together

Although UI and UX design is still different aspects, they cannot exist without each other. UX and UI work together to provide a memorable experience for their user on the network. They are the basis of web design and cannot exist without each other.

UX and UI work together to create modern, authentic-pleasant and user-friendly websites and apps. To tell in simple words UX- is the recipe for your cake, while UI-is it’s decoration. Your users and customers will get a great experience and will probably want to come back to your website or app again if you make a good UI and UX design.

We have discussed different elements and aspects of both UI and UX design process and the difference between user interface and user experience, but what is more important? User experience or user interface? Both of them are incredibly important. They cannot exist without each other. You will have a chance to create a good product only when they work in a strong synergy and only by paying close attention to them and discussing the design process with UI/UX designers.

To sum up all mentioned below we can observe that UI and UX design are very important aspects of app and web designing. If you want to get a good-looking and attractive web-site or application in this case, it is definitely necessary to appeal to good specialists in the area of UI and UX design. If you are interested in creating a beautiful, creative and unique design for your website or application, you can get in contact with our designers from Gapsy Studio. We propose a variety of different services, so website and mobile design services, are not the only in which you might be interested in. You can visit app design services page to see the whole list. You can also have a closer look at our portfolio on Dribbble to see our works.

“ Today, in our highly developed and resourceful society such terms as UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design are used much more often than ever before. ”

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