Flutter and Angular (Detailed Comparison)

We all are aware that flutter is in competition with the angular market and so far a number of users also increased who choose flutter. Though as per a survey Flutter is ranked as number 3 whereas Angular is ranked as number 2.

Today, we are going to discuss the hot topic around and that’s Flutter Vs Angular, Before starting we all should rethink and consider the comparison of Angular and Flutter!!!

You must be thinking that why to compare these two technologies only as they can be compared with other available technologies also. Well, here is the reason to compare both is that both frameworks are developed by Google.

The reason behind Why Users Go With Angular?

  • Angular is one of the open-source frameworks that develops dynamic web pages with the ease of dynamic codes.
  • By using the existing HTML structure angular builds on top with new templating language.
  • One complete client-side solution for building web applications through web pages.
  • In front end development of a web app that you create, angular has flexibility regarding its usability.
  • Angular have impedance mismatch facility which means APIs that are used by you have a dynamic application with static documents and that can be solved by library and framework.

A library means a collection of stored functions that are used for writing web pages. Now you must be thinking that what is a framework, here is the answer.

A framework is a collective implementation of the directed web applications. This framework has entire control over the code and it calls while filling in the particular that need something app-specific.

These came into the picture by giving an approach that minimizes the rule of impedance mismatch just by extending its reach towards static HTML document and app needs. All start by getting a grip on front end technology during directing the web browser alongside creating new programming derivatives through HTML construct that is also called as directives.

Angular gives a number of reasons for the client-side resolution for any application by streamlining the development and testing in Model-View-Controller (MVC), Model-View-Whatever (MVW), and Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture.

How Flutter came into the picture and get the popularity?

A new framework known as Flutter launched by Google in 2015, the aim is to be the pillar of each application’s implementation. Google is looking for a long-term solution for cross-platform frameworks for long.

Angular is a hybrid framework that is good for building an application either for iOS or Microsoft OS, but complex for developers to create an app-specific framework especially for mobile as angular is more prone to creating apps for desktop and laptop type OS.

In simple terms, we can say that if an android app is built using angular and now users need to build the same app for iOS than it needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

Flutter is one of the most usable frameworks to build an app that works easily with cross-platform functionalities. As in 2019, the use of flutter increase as google team keeps updating and adding new features into and with flutter.

Just after angular 7 flutters ranked on number 03 hence in the near future it can also beat these ranks worldwide.

The Flutter architecture has four components that are used to create its platform known as ‘SDK’ which is more than just a framework hence these been usable since big-time.

The Flutter components are Flutter engine, Dart Platform, OS Design specific widgets and foundation library. Dart is also a programming language or a platform for the basic architecture of Flutter.


All the required knowledge of Flutter and Angular we have discussed, now let’s get into the detailed comparison of both Flutter Vs Angular:

SR. No Flutter Angular
Rank WorldWide Ranked as number 03 worldwide. Ranked as number 02 worldwide.
Announced At  In 2015 at Dart development Summit but name differently and in 2017 developed for the market. Developed in 2009 by Miško Hevery.
Architecture  Flutter Engine, Dart Platform, OS Design specific widgets and Foundation Library. Components are Function Components, Type 


Components, Filter Components, Service Components, Provider Components, etc.

Target OS Mobile  Mobile and Computer
Functionality Work as a Software Development Kit (SDK) Work as building blocks of a User interface (UI)
Written In Dart Programming Language  Windows TypeScript

“ We all are aware that flutter is in competition with the angular market and so far a number of users also increased who choose flutter. Though as per a survey Flutter is ranked as number 3 whereas Angular is ranked as number 2. ”

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